WFC-0001W Hot Wire Foam Cutter - WINONS

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  • Package Includes: 6.7"(17cm) Hot Wire Tip, Safety Stand, 42inch(107cm) Replacement Wire and Foam Marker. Metrics are sharpened with sheer vigilance to assist you with the most difficult cuts while enabling you to work on both large and small foam-based projects with ease

  • Safety: In order to comply with the safety and sustainability standards our handle has a UL approved certificate and a secure power switch for safety purposes as the tip heat up quite fast

  • Practicality: Overheat protection, equipped with a stand to place the heated needle for your safety and convenience

  • Enhancements: Rather than manufacturing a product from scratch, we improve our products by thoroughly analyzing the similar products available in the market, our tool incorporates a longer tip to be used as a saw for enhanced efficiency

  • Customer Care: We offer a 2 months money-back warranty for any pertinent issue reported and a 24/7 customer support for our valuable customers
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