WFC-0008 Hot Wire Foam Cutter 27W - WINONS

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  • Advantages: Our upgraded tool has a 27W Power and Temperature Controller, a Rectangular Tip, which allows for a larger working area, a 2.2 mm strong Long Tip and Holing Tip, Desktop Holder thanks to which it is possible to use the cutter as a Hot Wire Foam Cutter Table
  • Versatility: With a power of 27W and a temperature controller, the conditioned device can work with materials with a denser structure, heat up quickly, and cut quickly. This device was created to apply patterns and designs on a wide variety of foam types: Expanded Polystyrene (Eps) Expanded Polypropylene (Epp) Pearl Cotton Sponge Kt Board Cellular Glass
  • Package Includes: 27W Handle with Temperature Controller and Light Indicator, Rectangle tip, Hot Knife Tip (Long Tip), Holling Tip, 10 m Replacement Wire, Desktop Holder, Power Adapter, Scraper, Foam Marker, User’s Manual, Warranty Card
  • Safety: In order to comply with the safety and sustainability standards our handle comes with an Ul-approved power supply and a secure power switch with a light indicator for safety purposes as the tips heat up quite fast
  • User instructions: 1) Please adhere to the recommended usage time of 40 minutes maximum without continuous operation. 2) Exercise caution and avoid applying excessive pressure while cutting. 3) Ensure to clean the tool thoroughly after each use
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