Everything You Need to Know About Crafting with Foam

Everything You Need to Know About Crafting with Foam

Foam, in all of its varieties, is a material that can be used for so many purposes. One of the foam’s best uses is as a hobby medium. Crafting with foam is a real joy for the whole family; it’s easy for parents and fun for kids.

The foam gives an opportunity to make reality even the most creative and extraordinary ideas, all you need is to move your imagination and a simple sheet of foam can be transformed into almost anything you want. There are lots of ways to start crafting with foam from cutting out small figures and letters to building complex structures. 

There are several reasons why foam is the best choice for handicrafts. The main advantage of the foam is that it is easy to cut and give any shape you want. 

Second, it’s safe. Almost all the types of foam used for handicrafts are nontoxic and this is essential for your health and safety.

 And a very important fact: foam crafts leave fewer and smaller messes behind compared with traditional crafting projects that require paint and glue, so you can save plenty of time on cleanup. 

Now let’s understand how to choose foam for starting your handicraft projects. We are going to walk you through everything you need to know about craft foams. Choose the best one for your craft project and start making something amazing right now.

There are dozens of types, colors, and styles of foam to choose from. Here are several types you can use for crafting.

Styrofoam is the type of foam almost all people generally mean when talking about craft foam. It can be used for a variety of craft projects and comes in so many different shapes and sizes to use for any project you want to create. You’ll need a foam cutter. Styrofoam has a rough texture on the surface which can cause difficulties when you paint. If you want to add colors to your art we recommend water-based paints and our advice to you: NEVER USE SPRAY PAINT, if you don’t want to damage the project and leave you with a less than desirable result.

Smoothfoam is the smooth version of styrofoam. As it is smoother, it is more comfortable for painted applications than styrofoam, but still not a perfectly smooth surface.

Fresh Floral Foam is extra soft and easy to give a shape with your hands to fit in a container. It is intended to wick moisture to keep fresh floral arrangements alive. All foams can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Dry Floral Foam can be usedfor silk floral arrangements. Usually, it is green in color. It is not as soft as fresh floral foam. You’ll need a saw-edged knife or electric foam cutter to work with this type of foam. This foam is designed to keep your silk flowers upright when you press the stems into the foam. It also comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so pick one closest to your needs.

 EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam is a firm, high concentration foam that is softer than standard polyethylene foams. EVA foam is thin and lightweight, which makes it easy for children to use. This type of foam is ideal to create costumes, different shapes, alphabet letters, cards, and stickers. There are EVA foam sheets of various thicknesses and you can easily find the one which matches your needs.

Specialty Foam is generally urethane foam that is produced in special shapes. You can find any shape you want from trees to heads and so on. This can be a great solution if you need to work on a very specific project. Especially if the shape is too difficult to cut yourself from another foam type.

Now you know the main foam types used for crafts, the pros and cons of each type and you are ready to make the right choice.

Օptions for crafting are endless and there are always new ideas for inspiration, the only limitation is creativity. So if you are ready to enjoy your free time with foam, welcome to our community of handicraft enthusiasts!

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